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Batuta Maldives Travel and Tours Private Limited is a registered company in Maldives to invests in the tourism industry of the country, mainly targeting guesthouse development in the inhabited islands and also investing in other tourism-related businesses in the country and abroad. 

Our target is, to diversify our business operations throughout the country focusing on the islands with access to domestic airports. Our aim is to become one of the leading companies in the industries which we serve by offering quality and customer-satisfied services.

Batuta Maldives Surf View Guesthouse is the first of our chain guesthouse operations initiated in Thulusdhoo island. Again, we opened two more guesthouses called Batuta Maldives Fourson & Batuta Maldives Inn on the same island. Batuta Maldives’ Guesthouses are located on the Eastern side of Thulusdhoo island.

We carefully selected our staff to provide you with outstanding service and assistance with all your travel needs. Our staff will love to serve you happily to make you delighted with the services. Our Guesthouse in-charge will take care of the guests as the safety of guests is the priority of Batuta Management. Our kitchen staff are most appreciated by the guests for the tasty food served to them.

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The Maldives is an archipelago of numerous small islands located in the Indian Ocean in an equatorial position to the southwest of India. Hailed as an idyllic tropical haven this secluded island formation has in recent years established a reputation as a delightful holiday location attracting leisure travelers from many parts of the world. Our Maldives guide below will help you get a better understanding of this popular South Asian destination.

The 26 Maldives atolls are scattered across an expanse of about 90,000 square kilometers, making the island nation one of the most geographically expansive countries in the world. However, the islets numbering 1,192 in total constitute only a tiny proportion of this immense extent of ocean. The Maldives has the distinction of being Asia’s smallest nation in both land area and population.

The largest city and the capital of the Maldives, Male is situated on North Male Atoll. This particular islet also has the distinction of formerly having been the location of the palace of the rulers of the Maldives and was known as the King’s Island.

The indigenous people of the Maldives are thought to be descended from different groups of ethnicities who migrated to the islands in ancient times. These include settlers from the shores of southern India and western Sri Lanka as well as some migrants from more northern regions of India. The language of the Maldivians is Dhivehi and the predominant religion is Islam. Traditionally the livelihood of Maldivians has been fishing and even today the majority of the population is engaged in this pursuit. Today tourism is a huge source of income for the Maldives, with the islands’ lovely beaches, shimmering sapphire waters, and delightful climate attracting a steady influx of visitors from abroad.



Thulusdhoo is a locally inhabited island situated 25 km away from Male International Airport. The island of Thulusdhoo features the best of what the Maldives offers: a crystal, clear turquoise lagoon and white sandy beaches. The soft sand and calm waters make the island’s beaches perfect for sunbathing and relaxing.

Most famous for being close to two of the Maldives’ best surf breaks, Cokes and Chickens, it’s safe to say that Thulusdhoo is a surfer’s paradise. Surf can be done throughout the year but is best between the months of April and November. The North Male atoll is also home to a number of other surf breaks, including Honkeys, Jailbreaks, and Sultans, which are easily accessible by a short speedboat ride.

Thulusdhoo has a beautiful house reef that is home to a high diversity of corals and marine life, including colorful, reef-dwelling fish species, marine turtles, manta rays, dolphins, and more. There are also a number of additional snorkeling spots, coral gardens, and dive spots nearby.

The locals of the island are warm and welcoming. Early mornings at Thulusdhoo will see men and women heading out to run errands, some to work, while men do the same. Children run to school, or ride bicycles, laughing and racing with each other. Fishermen can be seen bringing their daily catches back to the island to be sold or cooked. Another common site is of adults lounging lazily on the ‘Joali’, a hand-woven lounge chair or swing made of coir rope.

Enhancing the natural beauty of the island, locals paint their homes and doors in vibrant colors. The roads are unpaved and sandy, and with the use of vehicles limited on the island, the danger of a road accident is rarely an issue, allowing visitors to explore without worry.

Our Services

Surf and snorkeling transfers are arranged

Diving and other activities can also be arranged

Fishing trips

Excursion tours to nearby island resorts and Male’ City

Sandbank visits

Kayaking, Jet ski

Things you can do!

  • Surfing 

  • Snorkelling 

  • Fishing Trip

  • Excursion 

  • Diving

  • Kayak

  • Jet ski

  • Parasailing

  • Stingray

  • Swimming with shark

  • Whale shark Snorkeling, 

  • Sandbank visits 

  • Resort visits

  • Dolphin Watch

  • Manta Watch

  • Cultural Show

Surf Locations

  1. Cokes

  2. The Chickens

  3. Lohis

  4. Sultans

  5. Honkeys

  6. Jails

Our Services
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